Positive Words, for Positive Impact

Choose what you say carefully. It determines your reality.

Who Am I

My name is Amin Motin and I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to feel good about myself. I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to shape my reality.

What I’ve learned along the way is that happiness is a choice. It’s a conscious choice. But many people make unconscious choices about their lives.

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What I Do

What I do is simple. I help people to feel better about themselves. I also help them to do things they didn’t think they could do.

The science of achievement has always been important to me. That’s why I want to share what I’ve learned, freely, on this site.

Please join me.

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Subliminal Quotes is a site dedicated to bringing you some useful tools and ideas for improving your life.

If you find what we offer here useful, please tell your friends about us and give them the chance to enjoy our resources too. You can use the social sharing buttons to do that.

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